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7716-15 L2 Certificate: Hand Knit Textiles


The design unit is the same for all Craft Skills. Students will receive a practical introduction to the design process for craft. This will cover a basic understanding of primary colours and how they combine to make secondary colours and with the addition of black and white also make tints, tones and shades. It will also cover line, mark making, texture, shape and form.

Craft - Hand Knit Textiles

In this unit stuents will produce;

The 2 garments that are made in the Craft unit can be made from commercial patterns or personally devised as original patterns.


This course is divided into 6 modules. The modules page gives an outline of what is covered by each module


Cost per Module (within UK) £100.00
Cost per Module (outside the UK) £120.00
Registration fee (to be paid with first Module) £60.00
Certification fee (at the end of the course) £40.00