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7716-16 L3 Certificate: Hand Knit Textiles


The design unit is the same for all Craft Skills and consists of 5 units

Based on these Design Elements design ideas are developed using a variety of design techniques. The visual sources for design development can be drawn from primary (actual objects) or secondary (photographs, pictures or images from the web) sources.

Craft - Hand Knit Textiles

The assessments for hand knitting are:

Each item will illustrate different stitch construction(s). One item must use a mixed stitch construction chosen by the student. Each garment will show a different shape/style of neckline. Each garment/item will be made using a different yarn or yarn mix. At least one item will show the use of a minimum of two colours. Students will produce the patterns to their own original design.


This course is divided into 12 modules. The modules page gives an outline of what is covered by each module


Cost per Module (within UK) £100.00
Cost per Module (outside the UK) £120.00
Registration fee (to be paid with first Module) £60.00
Certification fee (at the end of the course) £40.00